22 okt. 2009

Greek Apple Pie

Original recipe from Sonja Stampoulidou
I found this recipe in a magazine I thought it just looked really different from the ordinary apple pie that I know. The article was about 3 types of apple pies, a Dutch one, a French one and a Greek one which I chose to make because of it looks. (I'm so shallow!)

I'm very sorry I didn't make a better picture so you can see how beautiful it really is but I was in kind of a hurry at the last moment.

I hope next time I will be able to spend more time on it and make a better afford.

Anyway, here is the recipe and I hope someone will try it out and let me know what he/she thinks.
It takes about 2 hours totally to make this recipe (including 70 minutes baking time)

You'll need:
-3 Apples (I recommend "golden delicious" because of it's sweet taste)
-1 tbs of cinnamon (ore more if you like ;) )
-130 grams of sugar
-3 table spoons of honey
-150 grams of walnuts (you can chop them in to big pieces if you want)
-Grated lemon zest of one lemon
-100 grams of butter + some more for buttering the spring form
-3 eggs
-125 grams of flower
-1 tsp of baking powder
- frozen filo pastry about 10 sheets
-icing sugar
-baking paper
-tin foil

OK let's start!!!

  1. Cut the apples like in the picture
  2. put them in a bowl together with the Cinnamon, 30 grams of sugar, honey and the walnuts
  3. pre-heat the oven at 160 degrees.
  4. mix the butter, lemon zest, 100 grams of sugar, a pinch of salt, 2 eggs, the flower, and the baking powder using a mixer (I did it by hand because I don't have one!!!)
  5. Cover the bottem of the spring form with the baking paper. An easy way to do that is like I did in the picture (I wasn't really precise but I don't think that's necessary anyway)
  6. Beat the egg

  7. Put the first sheet of pastry in on top of the baking paper and put some of the egg over it with a brush, then put an other sheet over it so it forms a star. and also cover with the a bit of egg.
  8. cut all the sheets of pastry you got left over in 3 strokes and then one time horizontally
  9. cover the side of the spring form with the strokes and go higher each layer (I did 3 layers)
  10. put in the dough and on top of that the apples
  11. fold the pastry to the inside and leave a big hole in the middle.

    12. Bake the pie for about 70 minutes in the oven. If you think the browning process is going to fast, put some tinfoil over it
    13. Finish it of with some icing sugar!!

    Hope you've enjoyed it and any comments are welcome!
    Especially about the language, I'd love to improve.

    Thank you very much!


Coffee and Vanilla on 4 november 2009 om 11:24 zei

Delicious looking pie! :)


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