28 okt. 2009

Dolma - part 1

I'm a BIG fan of Turkish food because they use allot of ingredients that I love so much, like eggplants, onions, garlic, beans, tomato's, walnuts, oregano and yogurt.

And on top of that the Turkish cuisine is healthy and has alot of variety, even picky eaters and vegetarians can enjoy Turkish food.

The Turkish people should be proud of there kitchen, and I know they are because looking around for recopies I came across disheses with names like 'women's-thighs' and 'women-bellybutton'.

So now you know what the 2 most important things in the life of a Turkish men are!

Now dolma is not only made by the Turkish.
The Greek, Armenian, Iranian and the Kurds are several others that make dolma´s.
So you can inmagine how many veriations there most be.
They can be cooked either in water ore tomatosaus. ore in a pan ore in the oven. You could use rice ore bulgur. beef ore vegetarian. You could add splitbeans if you like and so on!

So yesterday I did an attempt to make my own veration and it turned out pretty good so...... come back soon if your curious about my recope.



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