17 nov. 2009

Babyfood, Apple - the first time!

Now that my little girl is 4 months old I started thinking about how I´m going to handle things when it comes to food. When I was looking around on coffeeandvanilla.com I came across these tips Margot give on her blog and I agree with her for 100%.

These are her tips:

*Feed them with fruit and veg before they know they don’t like it, before they can walk or talk.
*Don’t give up, with older children it can take few years, it is hard to change old bad habits.
*Engage little ones in your shopping and cooking, let them choose and help to prepare.
*Reduce ready foods and sweets but let them have it from time to time.
*If you cook and eat healthy yourself, your children will follow you.
*The sooner you start introduce your child to all kind of healthy foods the better, hopefully later
those childhood experiences will change into healthy eating habits and love for
good food

The only thing I'd like to add is having family dinners, it gives them an example and you have an excuse to be together.
I hate eating alone! And it happens to me alot do to irregular working hours.
but, I hope I can live up too these tips and avoid something like this:

I feel bad for those children, I don't have to tell you how bad this is in so many ways!

Anyway,I think it´s time to introduce her to some real food now. I know that she doesn´t "need" it yet and opinions might be different on this subject, but I would like to allready let her taste some things. I've been reading on the Internet and according to different sources it's best to give your baby one kind of food for about 2 weeks to get used to the taste (they might not like it at first) and if they turn out to be allergic you know immediately to what. I´ve also been told is best to feed your baby pure ingredients first before start mixing them up, so they will know what the fruits, vegetables etc taste like individually. I wanted to start out with apples, so I peeled and cut an apple then cooked it with about a tablespoon of water and just stirred and mashed it.

She didn't really give a struggle ore spite it out, but she looked grossed out though! haha she did eat some bits eventually so I'm proud. How do you think I'm handling this? What did you do different? As a first time mom with NO experience (no baby's in my family) I would appreciate any advice!


Coffee and Vanilla on 17 november 2009 om 12:07 zei

I agree with you completely! We always have family dinners, 7 days a week :)
I'm glad you liked my tips.

Have a great evening, Margot

Coffee and Vanilla on 17 november 2009 om 12:17 zei

Again me... When my daughter was born I did not know much as well so I was feeding her with one ingredient at the time, then I started to make some light baby soups: chicken breast, carrot, cauliflower, tomato etc... cooked with no salt and blended.
I was giving her ripe bananas (mashed) and rice cakes... it was one of her favourite foods before she got her teeth ;)
Hope it helps, Margot


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