22 sep. 2009

Red Bulgur Pilaf

This is a pretty basic bulgur pilaf recope that I make regularly because it´s so easy. Sometimes I add something I have laying around and cook it with the pilaf like, potatoes, parsley, different kinds of stocks and so on. You can variate endlessly!
This time I've added some red onion and zucchini at the and.

Here´s my first recope on this website! Please let me know what you think and don´t hesitate to leave a comment! (I'm also very curious about your bulgur recope!)

Serves about 4

3 cups of Turkish bulgur
3 cups of hot water
2 tbsp of oil
1 big onion
70 grams of tomato paste
200 grams of canned diced tomatoes
tbsp of salt

First saute the onion with the oil on low heat until it's softened but not brown.
Add the tomato paste, caned tomatoes and salt, stir this for about a minute. then add the bulgur. mix it up and add the water.
Cook the bulgur over very low heat with the lid on. Continue cooking for about 20 minutes until the bulgur is done. (if your not sure just taste, if it's soft it's done) all the liquid has to be evaporated. Let it rest for 5 minutes.

At the and (this is optional) I sliced up some zucchini and red onion, bake them on medium heat with some salt and olive oil until they go soft.

I always eat this with some yoghurt, it makes it really fresh!



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